About Freecell

FreeCell is a game that combines luck and strategy.

How to play

  • The games start with eight columns of cards, all 52 of them, where the first four columns have seven cards, while the other four have six. Arrange the cards inside the game to eventually move them all to the house tile insets. When moving cards around in columns, the cards must be moved in order from highest (king) to lowest (ace), alternating colors.
  • Use the open boxes above to help you move the cards in the game.
    All cards from the deck are randomized in the eight columns on the board, and you will need to move them around to put all of them in their home cells in the required order. You have three options to make your move, and they are the only ones you will need to know.
  • When you start the game, the cards that you are available to move are the ones that are on the bottom of the columns, in other words, if no other card is covering it. If an ace, you can move it to a home cell. Moving the cards to a home cell means that you will need to move them with a specific order from ace to the king, making sure every card in that field is with the same suit.

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