Vintage Solitaire

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What is Vintage Solitaire


Play Classic Solitaire with Vintage version, the graphics and cards are designed for player love vintage style.

The game is a way to improve your ability to think logically.

We want to give you the new version of Solitaire games with many updates: theme, cards, and sound. You can change the graphics with your favorite.

How to play

In the Vintage Solitaire, 52 cards are shuffled before 28 cards are dealt out in seven piles on the table.

The goal of the game is to sort all of the cards into the deck's four suits (diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades) in ascending order, starting with the ace and ending with the king.

To win this game you need to move cards into the correct position on the foundation. Each foundation has its own suit.

How to move the cards:

  • The Stockpile: Where you can draw the remaining cards, you can move the card to Foundation or Tableau. The cards still in stock if they are not used.

  • The Foundations: A whole suit or sequence must be set up on four piles. The four aces are the bottom card or basis of the foundations of most Free Solitaire games. Hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs are the base stacks.

  • The Tableau: This is the section of the seven columns, the first of which contains one card and each subsequent column containing one more card. Any pile's last card is flipped over face up. Cards can be put on other cards that are one higher and of the opposite color. You can switch several cards at once as long as they're all in descending order and different colors.

  • If have an empty columns: only kings or sequential groups with a king at the top are permitted.
  • Click or drag to move cards
  • Click on the Stock Pile to draw new cards
  • Card can auto move to Foundations if it is in the correct order: Ace or one higher card on position.

Try to win the game with short completion time to have a high score. This is seen as a point to help you can play better and better.


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